Friday, October 19, 2012

The Three of Us

October is well underway and Carly, Chelsea and I have been immersed in so many activities--classes, events in the Archdiocese, helping in the Book Center, promoting evangelization events...and the list goes on.
As you know, our three new novices, Sr. Theresa, Sr. Cheryl and Sr. Sandy entered Novitiate on September 21st in Boston. At the moment it is the three of us in the Postulant community. It has been a very blessed time for us to get to know each other even more, and to grow in loving service of one another. We have had countless opportunities to step in and help each other and the other five sisters in the community.

We really miss our three Novices during house cleaning time! We also miss Sr. Theresa's excellent bread making skills, Sr. Sandy's gourmet lemon bars and Sr. Cheryl's Filipino desserts.

You, our readers, may not have realized that when we were ten in our community here last year we were actually out of room, so this Fall we've begun a construction project to create a larger space for apostolic events in the Book Center and to create more bedrooms in the convent. The construction is going along well, but it will take a while to complete the entire project.

You can only imagine how much fine dust a construction project brings--that means more dusting, sweeping and mopping. (Did I mention how much we miss Sr. Theresa, Sr. Sandy and Sr. Cheryl?) Just today the workers were making holes in the postulant's study ceiling! It has to get worse before it gets better.

God willing this part of the construction will be finished before we welcome new postulants into the community in the coming year. In the meantime keep us in your prayers. We are always praying for you!
Sr. Rebecca