Thursday, December 30, 2010

Postulancy 2010 - Our Year in Pictures!

It's a wonderful feeling to look back at the year and see the many ways the Lord has been with us and blessed us along our life's journey. We hope you enjoy the pictures and join us giving thanks to the Lord for His goodness!!

Our Year in Pictures:

God bless you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Greetings!


As we celebrate the coming of Jesus this Christmas season, we join you in thanksgiving for the many blessings we've received this Advent. We also look forward to the New Year with much hope and look back to 2010 with much gratitude for new friends, new family members and the many changes in our lives this year.

Most of our postulants will be celebrating Christmas in the convent for the first time this year and though that is truly exciting, we'll surely miss our families and friends. So we ask for your prayers as we promise you ours!

We wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

God bless you,
Jackie, Laura, Cheryl, Erin, Theresa and Sr. Rebecca Marie

P.S. Can you guess how many Christmas trees we have?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harry Potter Movie...

Think we'd miss it??? Nope...we got in line with the rest of humanity to watch it when it was a great experience being out in the movies and experiencing the "Potter frenzy". Needless to say, we had lots of fun! The makers of the Potter movie made sure we were hungry for more...looking forward to the grande finale next year!

Ecclesiology Class

Well, this Fall we learned about the Church by taking an Ecclesiology class through Paul VI institute ( with Dr. Gresham. We took the class with postulants and novices of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus ( It was an enlightening journey in many ways. More so for me to delve deeper into the big picture of being Catholic and God's desire to bring all humanity to Himself through His Son Jesus. There were a lot of other pearls we learned along the way: the call to holiness given one's vocation in life, the call to religious life, the role of our Blessed was great! Looking back, one cannot but desire to say "Maranatha"... come Lord Jesus and renew us to bring unity and salvation to the human race, so loved by our God!

Counting our Blessings this Thanksgiving!

We usually spend our holidays together as a community so Thanksgiving was another moment to do just that. We were particularly graced to have Theresa's cousin and Jackie's brother and cousin join us for the feast! Everyone chipped in to prepare different dishes and make the occasion festive. Also being the eve of the death of our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, we had a grace-filled Hour of Adoration together in the evening, to give thanks for many of God's blessings to us and especially the gift of being called to the Pauline family!