Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pauline Webstore

Another stop on our tour through the Pauline Books and Media publishing house was to the Webstore (http://www.pauline.org/) with Sr. Patricia. She taught us so much! She showed us the Webstore's website and explained how it all worked. Sr. Patricia also showed all the updates they are doing to the site to make it as user-friendly as possible. A couple people had left messages on the customer service answering machine, so we called them back, answered their questions, and helped them place their orders. Afterwards, Sister showed us how and where to collect the items and then how to package them up so that they arrive safe and sound to their destinations. The Webstore is run very similar to the way our bookcenters are run. It's so helpful to understand how the Webstore works, since we refer some of the customers who come in to the bookcenter to this website. Now that we understand better how it works, we can explain it better to them! Stay tuned to see what we're doing next in the Publishing house!

Monday, July 19, 2010

And the Word Became Flesh...and Moved to the Masses

Our tour through the Publishing house thus far has truly been an enlightening journey to help us see how so much work goes into getting the Word of God out and how each person in the "puzzle" plays their part to make Jesus known. We started off our apostolic experience in the Editorial department where we learned about how manuscripts are solicited and reviewed. Our project in this department involved reviewing a manuscript for a book that will be coming out soon. Our thoughts about the manuscript were valuable at the "positioning" meeting which consisted of representatives from different departments (e.g. design, marketing, etc) who were involved in the development of the book. Our next stop was at the Design department where the Word of God "becomes flesh". Once the manuscripts are reviewed at the Editorial level, the Designers work on the text and the book covers. This process takes time. In fact, for some of the books, several covers had to be designed before the final one was chosen! We also stopped by the Marketing department. Here we learned how the Word of God "meets"the people. Through every way possible - flyers, internet, mailings, etc - the Word of God now "packaged" in books and other media is advertised and made present to many peoples. While in the department, we packed some new releases and mailed them out to our book centers and other clientele. So there you have it! So far, its been a great adventure so do stay tuned for more...coming soon :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Daughter of St. Paul Forever!

On July 5, 2010, our community celebrated the perpetual profession of Sr. Fay Josephine Pele in Apia, Samoa (top picture). Our provincial superior, Sr. Margaret Timothy as well as three other sisters from our community were present at the beautiful and culturally rich celebration. Please join us in thanking God for Sr. Fay and the gift of her life to our community and the Church.

On August 8, 2010, we will celebrate the perpetual profession of Sr. Christina Wegendt in Youngstown, Ohio. We look forward to a grace-filled celebration! Please keep her in your prayers and let us thank the Lord for her generosity and life too. O Jesus eternal Shepherd of our souls, we give you thanks and ask that you send good laborers into your harvest!

P.S. Jesus gave His entire life for you. How is Jesus calling you to give your life for Him?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're back...and in Boston, MA!

Friday, July 9, 2010:

We're back from vacation! What a grace-filled time we had with our families and friends. Thanks for your prayers - much appreciated. Now, we are enjoying some time at our Motherhouse in Boston, MA. We arrived here on Monday and we will be here until the end of the month. While in Boston, we will be taking a class in Scripture and working in various departments at our Publishing house. We will also work on a project to learn more about the history of our congregation. The really neat thing about being here in the summer is that we get to meet so many sisters from our convents around the country who are making their annual retreats and attending meetings. Being here is also an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the "behind the scenes" elements of our mission such as: design departments for our media, shipping, receiving orders, sound studio recording, radio ministry, webstore etc. We hope to post some of our exciting adventures this month as we go along so...please stay tuned!

P.S. What are you doing this summer to draw closer to Jesus?