Thursday, March 31, 2011

All for Love

The Lord has touched our lives in so many ways. From our families, friends, work to where we are today, the Lord has journeyed with us and showed us His love. He has called us to love and be a witness of His love to others. We hope you enjoy this video, a celebration of God's love in our lives and hope you can say the same for yours! God loves you, Jackie.

Let's Speak About Jesus...

This morning, I read an article in the Arlington Catholic Herald ( on the work of one of our sisters, Sr. Maria Ruth, who reaches many with the Gospel through our Spanish radio ministry. Sr. Ruth is quite the dynamic nun ever full of joy and enthusiasm about telling others about Christ. I loved her words in the article: “I try to get my listeners to get Jesus from the radio program,” she said. “That is my mission — to bring Jesus to the heart of the children. If I don’t speak about Jesus, I don’t have anything to talk about". Isn't this what our lives as Christians is about? It's all about Jesus after all and His amazing work within us! May He always increase, and I decrease (John 3:30). Ever onward, Sr. Maria Ruth!! Have a Jesus-filled day! Peace, Jackie. PS. If you want to know more about our Spanish radio ministry, check out our Pauline website:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today's Meditation

In today's Gospel, we hear about the story of the prodigal son. Three phrases that struck me were:

" one offered him anything."

"While he was still a long way off, his father caught sight of him."

"Your brother has returned..."

As I meditated on this, the Holy Spirit gave me new light: Through this parable, Jesus not only reveals how the Father loves us while we are still sinners and how the Father is waiting for us to come back to Him. Moreover, Jesus also reveals to us, through His life, death and resurrection that unlike the older brother in the parable, He – as our brother – loves us as much as the Father does and He can't just wait for us to come to our senses, He leaves the Father's house to go after us, to find us and show us the way home.

And He calls each of us to do likewise.

"Jesus, Divine Master, our Way, our Truth, and our Life, teach us Your way of truth and holiness."

God bless you, Cheryl

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pics from our Trip to Texas...Finally!

As promised, several "decades" ago, here are some pictures from our trip to Texas :-) We really had a blast! We first went to Sr. Rebecca's home town to visit with her parents and family. Then we were off to College Station where we spent a large number of our days. During part of the day, we spent time with the sisters in charge of vocation work around the country. We also participated in or talked at some of the events at the Catholic Center. It was nice to be on a large college campus where faith in Jesus is booming! Peace, Jackie.

Update on our Sisters in Sendai, Japan

We are grateful that our Sisters in Sendai and throughout Japan were personally unharmed by the tragic earthquake and tsunami. However, like so many others, they lost virtually everything but their lives in Sendai. The sisters in that community are struggling to deal with the chaos surrounding them and their community house has been severely damaged. We would like to ask people to consider offering any financial donations they can to help the Daughters of St. Paul community located in Sendai, Japan. If you would like to be part of helping our Sisters in Japan rebuild their lives and the Pauline mission in this devastated area, please go to “Japan Earthquake 2011” on our Pauline website ( to make your donation. As the Daughters of St. Paul continue to share the Word of God and the Gospel of hope with our Japanese brothers and sisters, Christ will be made present to those who are suffering, and He will offer the consolation and peace only He can give. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Your continued prayers and support are much appreciated! God bless you, Jackie.

Prayers for Healing and Strength After the Earthquake in Japan

The Daughters of St. Paul and Pauline Books and Media (our apostolate) are offering resources on our website for those saddened by the destructive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The prayers and reflections are available at no cost and can be used by groups, priests, individuals, and anyone seeking a way to help bring the needs of the victims to God. Resources for parents and teachers to use at home or in the classroom to help children understand this trauma are available for download. We hope that this prayer experience will help you find peace during this terrible crisis. The prayers and resources section is available at on the right-hand side of the home page. We are also extending an the offer to download the Healing Psalms and Prayers app for free! This offer will be available until March 25th, when the app will revert to its regular price. Visit the iTunes app store to download. If the app brings you peace, kindly consider posting a review in the iTunes store. You are ever in our prayers. God is with you! Jackie.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please Pray for our Sisters in Japan

We finally got word this week that our sisters in Sendai, Japan are okay. However, we suffered a lot of damage in the convent from the earthquake. Here is some info from our sisters on our Paulines international website in Rome:
Will keep you posted. St. Paul our father, pray for and watch over us! Here is some info on our sisters in Japan: or

When a Nun Dies

One of our dear sisters, Sr. Cecilia Paula, recently passed away after battling with cancer for a while. Even though some of us did not really know her, I must say it was beautiful to accompany her with our prayers and support during her last days in her earthly pilgrimage. She offered up her sufferings for our apostolate and community needs. One of our sisters, Sr. Rose Pacatte wrote a beautiful article on what happens when a nun dies in our community. Check it out: Today, we bury Sr. Cecilia but believe she is now with her Spouse and God whom she served faithfully while here on earth. May you rest in peace, Sr. Cecilia and please pray for us!

God bless you,

Back from Denver!

We are back! Thanks for your prayers as we went forth to spread the Good News to the people in Denver. It was a VERY fruitful trip filled with book fairs, parish exhibits, visits to book centers and of course, hanging out with the Carmelites of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Los Angeles (the nuns we stayed with) :-) Please stay tuned for more pics and news on our adventures. We are still "recovering" from the trip....

PS. Here is a view from our little sightseeing at Garden of the gods ( ...with our van packed to the max :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Finding a Way to Make Trouble

I promised someone I would blog about the trouble that Sr. Mary Joan and I got in today.

Sr. Mary Joan and I said morning prayer in an alternating chorus of one. Then we went to mass and ate breakfast very quickly. It is AMAZING how fast things go with two people compared to ten. But what to do with the spare time?

Then we manned (or womaned) the bookcenter for the first half of the day until Sr. Noel arrived.

We managed to eat lunch alternating with only one person in the bookcenter at a time - gasp. But we survived.

It is surprisingly lonely without the other postulants. I say surprisingly not because I dislike them but because I like my alone time and thought I would be in heaven just having some quality time with myself, (something I don't get much of living with 10 people).

But then, it is amazing how I am already used to life with 10 people.

Exhibit A - the fact that I was missing the other postulants the moment I woke up this morning and stumbled to the bathroom all by my lonesome.

No Erin padding through the hallways with eyes closed or Cheryl bumping into walls half asleep. And no Laura getting ready at the speed of light (they say that I am the one who gets ready fast but I sleep in the room next to Laura and I say it is her). And no Jackie and Sr. Rebecca waking up at the crack of dawn and beating everyone down to chapel by at least 15 minutes. That is my guess at least, I really do not have hard data to prove this because I rarely am the very first to get to chapel and when I do I am so surprised that I spend a moment considering whether it is possible that the others were abducted by aliens, (but by the time that moment passes someone else comes through the door).

But anyway, back to what to do with my newfound spare time.

Need I say more? Actually I probably do because you most likely do not know me as well as the other sisters I live with.

I love to learn more about other religions and other faiths and I have been learning about the Trinity so I am particularly interested in religions that reject the Trinity, Mormons being one.

So anyway, today I found that has a chat function so I spent some time virtually talking to a Mormon missionary about the Trinity. It was a blast. Until he asked me how God the Father and Jesus could be in two different places at the same time and still be God. Hmmm, I was stumped. Maybe if you know how to answer to that you can comment on this post! Anyway, something new to research.

I blame the other postulants for leaving me alone.

- Theresa

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go and bear fruit...

As Theresa mentioned, some of us will be off again to Denver in a few days.

As I was talking to my mom last night, she was concerned at how exhausted I [we] may have been from our Texas trip and she made it a point to remind me to take my vitamins and to rest well. (Thanks, Mom!)

I am truly excited to hear and learn from some of the talks at the Living the Catholic Faith Conference. Jackie and Laura went last year as well and I've heard really good stories from them. I remember reading their blog post and wishing that this day would arrive sooner. And here I am counting the days, amidst trying to get some reading and homework done. And what amazes me is how our daily life really allows us to integrate and apply what we're learning in our formation/theology classes with the Sisters and our Professors.

And as I echo Theresa's words which I am sure our postulant community shares with us both, "we returned happy, healthy and exhausted", I truly feel the spirit of St Paul with us, encouraging us, praying for us, cheering us on as we continue to go out "to the ends of the earth" in our own little way to live Christ and give Christ to souls.

Denver, here we come!

Blessings, in St Paul,

P.S. If you know anyone who lives in Denver or who is Denver bound that weekend, please spread the word!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Mess with Texas

Ten days in Texas and I am thinking that the postulant crew is all a little more Texan now!

What a Spirit-filled trip we had at Texas A&M, Rice University and St. Mary's Parish in Tulsa, Ok. More updates to come but just wanted to let you know that we have returned happy, healthy and exhausted.

In a few days Laura, Jackie and Cheryl will be setting off for Denver with Sr. Donna for exhibits there and the Living the Catholic Faith Conference.

And Erin set off for England this morning for her nephew's baptism.

I will be holding down the fort in St. Louis with Sr. Mary Joan. We plan to make lots of trouble :)

I am staying home to lead our book club meeting this Monday. We are reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene.

So keep all of these endeavors in your prayers and we will be updating you on our various adventures shortly!

God bless,