Friday, March 14, 2008

Go and Make of All Disciples

It should come as no surprise to you that this week was another full one! But the busy-ness is a blessing because it means Jesus is giving us many opportunities to meet, love, and serve His people.

Alina told you about her vocation talk last week with Sr. Laura. There was also a Vocation Fair last weekend at St. Margaret Mary parish which Sr. Carmen, Alina, Sr. Caritas and Emily attended. Emily and Sr. Carmen went Saturday night to set up a display and then Alina, Sr. Caritas and Sr. Carmen went back for the Sunday Masses at the parish. My understanding of the fair was it was an opportunity for kids and parents to get to know more about religious communities and priestly vocations, as well as meet some members of different congregations. They each said it was a blessed event!

The Knights of Columbus host a ‘Nuns Night Out’ each year for religious sisters in the diocese, which was also on Sunday. Sr. Carmen, Sr. Laura, Sr. Caritas, Sr. Agnes, Emily, and Alina all partook in the festivities. Sr. Laura was the ‘ping pong tournament champion’ (with Alina a close second ;) while Emily won a prize for being the youngest representative of a religious community. Lots of bingo was played, and there was even a clown who made balloon characters for the sisters. Needless to say, much fun was had.

And hold on, because we’re not done yet with last Sunday! Emily and Sr. Laura then left to go set up an exhibit at a parish in the Diocese of Belleville in IL. The parish of Sts. Peter and Paul was having a parish mission and the adult faith formation coordinator invited us to have a book display. Emily and Sr. Laura set it up Sunday and picked up the materials Wednesday night. The coordinator for faith formation was taking care of the exhibit during the week. They said it was a success! God is faithful!

Okay…tired yet? The week has just begun! Each postulant had to work on and give a presentation before our classes these past 2 weeks. The topic was vocation. We each ended up using a movie clip and creating power point presentations. It’s always neat to see the different angles we take to present similar information J We each chose different movie clips of secular movies (Julia chose Keeping the Faith, Alina picked Spiderman II, and Emily used Evan Almighty) to raise questions that often come up in discernment: What is God’s will for me? Why me? What if it’s not in MY plans? These presentations concluded our Discernment Class that we’ve been having in house. Now we are moving on to a unit on Communication.

Whew! There is one last exciting item! Last night was our March lecture night at the book center with guest speaker Fr. Coutinho, SJ, the author of How Big is Your God (see also pictures of Alina and Sr. Caritas from 3 weeks ago) It was a HUGE success. No, really. It was HUGE! We had over 70 people come to hear Father speak! He gave a very memorable and helpful talk on how we sometimes put limits on our God in our images of Him. Listening to him speak and seeing all the people there made our mission come alive for me. So many people were able to hear God’s Word and the Truth of His Love for them personally last night. It was great that we could be a venue for that message, which is what our mission is all about. We are just vessels, venues for God’s message!

All right, that’s enough for one week! But stay tuned because we have 2 conferences and a Faith and Film night this weekend!! Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Peace in Him,

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