Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Radio, Cleaning, and Other Apostolic Adventures

This week our preparations for Mother General's visit have escalated! Everyone pitched in to clean and organize the house. I must say, it looks great! We've also been preparing reports for Mother General on the apostolic reality of St. Louis -- what kind of a place it is, demographics, statistics, etc., as well as what our response has been in the area of the bookcenter and outreach. We're all looking forward to seeing Mother General, some of us for the first time! She will arrive on Tuesday, so please pray for safe travel for her and her councilors, and for our community as we live this time with them.

In the midst of all this, Sr. Carmen and I went to the Catholic radio station here in St. Louis (Covenant Network -- AM 1460 or 1080 for our St. Louis readers!) on Wednesday to record a half-hour program on vocations. We spoke about the vocation to the religious life in general, as well as the spirituality and apostolate of the Daughters of St. Paul in particular, and some of the vocational programs that we offer. It was my first experience with radio, and though I was very nervous going in, I enjoyed it very much. It made me think again about how powerful the media are and filled me with a desire to tell people about Jesus!

We've received some good questions from some of our readers, and we'll be working on responding to them this week. Feel free to ask any questions or leave any suggestions or any prayer requests.

In the meantime, does anyone know the answer to this triva question: Who was the first Daughter of St. Paul to come to the United States, and when did she come?
Aspettiamo la sua rispostas! (We await your answers!)

God bless you!


JCButterfly1982 said...

Is the answer Mother Paula Cordero in 1932?

Lisa said...

M. Paula Cordero.

Lisa said...

Where are the postulants? We miss your blog updates.

postulants said...

You are both correct -- Mother Paula Cordero was the first Daughter of St. Paul to come to the US. She arrived in New York in 1932.