Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sr. Mary Joane Caritas and Sr. Jennifer Tecla rejoice after having pronounced their "yes" to the Lord as Daughters of St. Paul forever!

Sr. Mary Joane Caritas pronounces her final vows while Sr. Ana Maria, Sr. Antonieta and Sr. Margaret Christopher stand as witnesses.


Constance said...

Congratulations Sr. Mary Joane Caritas and Sr. Jennifer Tecla for their final vows!

I am thrilled the visit from Sr. Maria Antonieta and her General Councilors was a wonderful experience for the North American Congregation.

As always Sr. Carmen you and the rest of the Pauline family are in my Prayers!

Peace! Constance :-)

Julia said...

How beautiful! Praying for you all! Good job keeping up the blog, Em ;)

postulants said...

Thank you to both of you for your prayers! We're hoping to have some pictures up of our new first professed sisters soon, too.

Thanks, Julia! :) Pray for our blogging punctuality -- we are sans "Blog Frog" in Boston! Praying for you and your special intentions, too.