Thursday, August 14, 2008

Communicating JESUS on the airwaves.....

Thank you to
Theresa Holman
who hosted a radio interview on
Covenant Network with
Emily and Sr. Carmen Christi .
The topic was Eucharistic Adoration.
Emily stands next to the Covenant Network Radio
banner which shows the Eucharist radiating its
light to the city of St. Louis.

Blessed Feast of the Assumption!We join with our Blessed Mother to proclaim the wonders God has done in her life and in each of our lives. For many of our Sisters, this is the anniversary of their entrance into the community as postulants so we remember all of them in our prayers and ask the Blessed Mother to continue to strengthen them in their "yes" to the Lord.
Our week has been filled with apostolic excitement. Monday, Sr. Emi Magnificat, Emily and I participated in the annual Religious Education Conference for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. We set up our exhibit of materials, highlighting once again, the many resources we have available for the year of St. Paul. The day began with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Hermann where he thanked all the catechists for their "passion for Christ" which is the biggest gift they share with the young people they teach. We met so many dedicated men and women throughout the day!
On Wednesday, Emily and I offered a presentation on St. Paul to over 30 members of the Serra Club. The Serra Club is an international group of men and women who commit themselves to pray and support vocations in the Church. We were very warmly welcomed by all of them and were so happy to share our love for St. Paul with them. We also offered them suggestions on how to live and celebrate this Pauline Year.On Thursday, Emily and I were blessed to participate in the "radio apostolate" through the invitation of Tony and Theresa Holman at Covenant Network Radio here in St. Louis. The topic of the interview was Eucharistic Adoration, one that all of us Paulines hold dear in our heart. Theresa is an excellent interviewer, and like her husband, has a passion for communicating Christ through the airwaves. How much good they are able to do through this important ministry.
We know all our apostolic initiatives are possible through the prayerful support of Sr. Mary Jerome who is now on retreat and Sr. Joane Caritas, Sr. Mary Agnes and Sr. Mary Charitas. This is the beauty of spiritual communion as we carry out our mission together.
We wanted to let you know too about our PRAYER CAMPAIGN FOR PAULINE VOCATIONS. Yes, during the year of St. Paul, we are inviting everyone to join us in prayer to St. Paul for the intention of vocations. You will find the prayer below. If you are interested, you can contact your nearest Pauline Book and Media Center for a copy of the holy card, or send us your address and we'd be happy to send you one. We are inviting people to commit to say it everyday and are gathering signatures of those who do so.That's all the news for now.Thanks for your prayers and count on ours.
Have a Jesus-filled week,
sr. carmen christi
Prayer to St. Paul for Vocations
Paul, Apostle of Jesus Christ,
Tireless Traveler who announced Christ's message;
Father of the Pauline Family;
You in whom Christ lived and spoke;
we call upon you because the world today
needs your presence, your boldness,
your knowledge of Christ and him crucified.
Come among us, Paul, teach us Jesus!
Help us know him, love him, live him,
and share him with others just as you did.
Draw into the Pauline Family more men and women
who totally consecrate their lives to Jesus Christ
in poverty, chastity and obedience.
Rooted in Christ, may they find
new and inventive ways to proclaim his Gospel
through the media.
O Apostle Paul, you who live today
through the Pauline Family,
with immense confidence
we entrust to youour great need for vocations
and for holiness of life, Amen.

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St. Faustina said...

YAY! Daughters of St. Paul on the radio waves!!! That looks like fun! I hope you were able to reach a great many people throught this apostolate! :)
In Him ,