Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday at the Atlantic Ocean

May 17:

We went to the beach, because after all week in school and the bookcenter, Sylwia and I (Emily) needed to breathe the ocean air. :) (The Mississippi and Missouri River are just not the same as the ocean!) Also, Sylwia wanted to see how the ocean looks from the other side. ;) We spent a few hours walking on the beach (about forty minutes from our house in Boston). We saw many shells, brought a few home, and Sylwia took a hundred pictures. The weather was not the best, but we were prepared for anything! It was too cold to swim, but I (Emily) am from Buffalo, and cold weather is good weather, so I walked in the ocean. It was a very peaceful and relaxing Sunday.
Last Sunday we went to a beautiful park very close to our house for a walk. They had a Lilac Festival, and we enjoyed beautiful weather and the smell of the lilacs! (Sr. Emi recommended this festival to us, and we are very glad that she did!)
P.S. Come and spend Sunday with us sometime!

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