Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Medical Conference in Springfield, Illinois

October 21 -

October 25:

Sr. Emi, Jackie, Sylwia, and Emily traveled to Springfield, Illinois, for an exhibit at the Catholic Medical Association Conference. This is a national conference that happens in a different city every year. There were doctors and health care workers from all over the country there, including Dr. Mathews, our new Pauline Cooperator from St. Louis (Dr. Mathews just made his promises as a Pauline Cooperator on October 11). He helped us prepare the exhibit, took us out to supper, spent a lot of time with us, and told us his vocation story. It was an inspiration to have him with us. The exhibit was beautiful -- the people were interested in everything from Church documents to DVD's, from books on spirituality to children's books. We joined the participants at the conference for an evening of entertainment at the Lincoln Memorial, and for their closing banquet on Saturday night. We also had a tour of the beautiful Franciscan convent where we stayed, which included a spontaneous drum concert! It was a wonderful experience of our mission.

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