Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zacchaeus and the Little Ones

Saturday, April 17, 2010:

One of our new activities here at the book center has been our "Bible Stories for Children". Today, Jackie helped out with the last session this Spring. The children listened to the story of Zacchaeus. One of our volunteers for this program began by gathering all the kids around her at the "Children's Corner" in our book center. She then read the story to them and asked them questions. The children listened attentively and enthusiastically answered all her questions. Our volunteer also helped the children see how the story of Zacchaeus applied in their own lives. Zacchaeus' life was changed by his encounter with Christ. To help the children understand this transformation in their daily life, the children created butterflies from paper plates using many color crayons. After some refreshments, the kids also had a chance to perform in a skit about the call of Zacchaeus from the sycamore tree. At the end of our time together, everyone drew a picture of the story of Zacchaeus on puzzle paper, cut out the puzzle and took the pieces home along with the butterfly paper plates. We had a lot of fun!

P.S. Thank you Jesus for the great love you show us through Zacchaeus' story!

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