Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Greetings!


As we celebrate the coming of Jesus this Christmas season, we join you in thanksgiving for the many blessings we've received this Advent. We also look forward to the New Year with much hope and look back to 2010 with much gratitude for new friends, new family members and the many changes in our lives this year.

Most of our postulants will be celebrating Christmas in the convent for the first time this year and though that is truly exciting, we'll surely miss our families and friends. So we ask for your prayers as we promise you ours!

We wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

God bless you,
Jackie, Laura, Cheryl, Erin, Theresa and Sr. Rebecca Marie

P.S. Can you guess how many Christmas trees we have?


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo! Merry Christmas to each of you. Count on my prayers for a beautiful and peace-filled Christmas. --Sr. Chrissy.
P.S. NO idea how many trees you have. 3?

Anonymous said...

I count five trees - including the tiny one Sr Noel has on top of the file cabinet. Did I win?!?!
Beautiful Christmas photo! - must have been done by an exceptional photographer....
May you all have a very blessed & beautiful Christmas. Miss you!
--Sr Karen Marie

Lisa said...

I imagine there is a tree in Chapel, a tree in the community room, a tree in the PB&M Center, a tree, the Superior's/Director's Offices, and a few bedrooms so I am guessing there are at least 12 trees of all sizes :)

Anonymous said...

We have FIVE (5) Christmas trees!
1 - Bookcenter
2 - Chapel
3 - Dining room
4 - Postulant study (real)
5 - Professed living room (real)

Sr Karen Marie wins the prize (A BIG Virtual Hug from us all!)

Sr Chrissy: I hope you get to visit us sometime! We did have 3 fake trees at first, then we got 2 real ones! ;)

Lisa: That's a really good guess!!!

Joy, joy, joy!


Anonymous said...

BTW, I forgot to mention Sr Karen was our 'exceptional photographer' for this Christmas photo.

We miss you, Sr Karen!

Lisa said...

Congrats, S. Karen Marie, on winning the prize! Nice job on the photo, too.

So, postulants, don't forget to tell us about your Pauline Christmas. Your readers await!