Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time for Goodbyes...

Summer is a time of transition for many people and the Daughters of St. Paul are no exception.

Our Postulancy program in St. Louis is a time for the women in formation to discern even more if God is calling them, to be a consecrated religious as a Daughter of St. Paul. Laura, Jackie, Erin, Theresa and Cheryl have lived this time of Postulancy in deep discernment with our community through prayer, classes, living in community and by experiencing our mission of evangelization.

After being with us this past year, Erin has come to the decision to withdraw from our postulancy program. Erin said that she still feels God calling her to give her entire life to Him, but in a different way that she is still discovering. The day before Erin departed was the Feast of Pentecost. We had a fun day together going on a picnic after Mass and later that afternoon we made an Hour of Adoration together with all the Sisters. In the evening we prayed with and for Erin, celebrating her life and the many ways that she has enriched us and blessed us. And we shed a few tears in the process. This past year we created bonds of friendship and these bonds will continue. Erin said that she has received so much this year and is so grateful to have been here. Please keep Erin in your prayers as she continues following God’s call in her life.

We also have great news to share from Jackie and Laura. Both of them have been admitted to Novitiate. That is really great news!—but it means more goodbyes. In our great joy and excitement, Theresa, Cheryl and I will also miss them very much as they move to our Mother House and Novitiate in Boston this summer.

Now I’ll have Laura and Jackie have a few words...

God bless you,
Sr. Rebecca

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