Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Give to the World Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life...

We are finally in Boston for our summer experience! It's been a great time to see and visit with our sisters from the US and around the world! Summer is a time when many of our sisters are "passing through" our Motherhouse as they make their annual retreats, attend meetings and take their vacations. So, the house is full - in capacity and with joy!

Part of our settling in has involved taking a tour of our Publishing house and visiting the various departments. We are getting ample opportunities to learn more about the creative work of our sisters and the many prayers that go into the production of all the books and media. As we were making our rounds, I couldn't help but notice a quote from our Founder, Blessed James Alberione: "The wise and holy apostle gives what is more useful for eternity".

What better gift can we share with our world than Jesus Christ? As Paulines, this is precisely what we are called to do. Thanks be to God for our brothers and sisters who are doing just that! Here are the words for the video...

God bless you,

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