Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Might Be a Nun (or a Postulant) If.....

1. Your favorite celebrity  is 84 years old, wears red shoes and speaks seven languages.

2. When you actually find a sweater in navy blue, (the Holy Grail of sweaters), you spike it on the floor and do a touchdown dance in the middle of the store.

3. Twenty dollars a month goes a LONG way in your world.

4. You get a lint roller in your Christmas stocking and don't think it's lame.

5. Your freezer is bigger than the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia.

6. You use words like "chasuble" and "thurible" in everyday conversation and do not miss a beat.

7. You don't think it is pointless to clean surfaces that already look clean, (and you actually get some kind of sick pleasure out of it).

8. Inside jokes involving such ordinary things as corn can become an obsession and a communal source of entertainment for months at a time.

9. You have friends who are more than 60 years older than you (or vice versa) and you dig it.

10. Your idea of a rockin' New Year's Eve is a silent retreat and four hours of adoration leading up to midnight. Rock out.


I began this top ten list as my New Year's Eve retreat began. I just couldn't help myself. God didn't mind. The guy has a sense of humor. He's funnier than Will Ferrell. No joke. 

In all seriousness though, I had a wonderful retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed myself talking to no one but Jesus for 24 hours and ringing in the New Year in the quiet. I have to say, there are many things I miss in the convent but New Year's Eve parties are not one of them. There is honestly no other place I would rather be on New Year's Eve than in chapel with my sisters smiling in silence as the clock strikes 12. I hope your New Year's was as awesome as ours. We prayed for all of you, and will continue to pray for you in this new year.

In Jesus,



Jane said...

I love it! And I'm so proud to be a privileged insider - I got the corn reference!! :) We so enjoyed seeing all of you last week, ladies. Happy New Year!

Erin Nolan said...

This is great! Thank you Theresa :)

Sr. Donna said...

Great stuff, Theresa! Just makes me miss you all a LOT. Tomorrow!

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP said...


Anonymous said...

It's kind of scary but I am a married woman, mother of three, Grandmother of six and I could relate to most of your statements. I guess all those years of Pre vatican Catholic education from elementary to college must have rubbed off. I didn't, however, make a 24 hour retreat for New Years. PS it's refreshing to know that there are some ladies going through formation. Thanks!

Sr Nancy said...

CLASSIC!!!! or will so be so :)

Kristen said...

#7 would eliminate me straight out. Good thing there are many vocations!!!

tagnes said...

Wow thanks for all the feedback - I love that being a goof ball gets people writing. I'll have to keep that in mind... :)

Lots of love to you all in the New Year,


Mel said...

Hehe! I love number 10! Like+++! My New Year's Eve was similar accept that for the Malaysians, it was 1 hour of Adoration with the FSP and APC. It's the greatest feeling to ring in the new year with my Loved One and loved ones.. :)

Sr. Margaret J. Obrovac, FSP said...

Too good!

bridgetheresa said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Anela Nicholson said...

I can answer "yes" to quite a few the questions :)