Friday, December 21, 2007

Prepare the Way!

This week went by really quickly! We last left you with our Faith and Film night, which was a success. We had our largest attendance yet! The movie was The Christmas Shoes, and it seemed the people who came really enjoyed it. We even split up into two groups because we had a number of young people. God is good to bring us so many people to share the Gospel with!

Last Saturday we had a lot of snow. Alina had her second taste of real snow, complete with snow angels and snow men. My parents were in town last weekend so I spent the majority of the weekend with them. My sister lives in St. Louis too, so we got to be together as a family before Christmas! Such a blessing! My sister is a professional ballerina for the St. Louis Ballet, so the whole community got tickets to see her perform in the Nutcracker! The Nutcracker has been such a part of mine and Emily's growing up (Emily's sister is also a ballet dancer) so it was beautiful to be able to share that tradition with my parents as well as the community. It was a great night out for all of us.

Alina's parents are coming next week, and Emily's sister is coming in Jan. to visit. It's so nice that our families get to come around Christmas time and share this joyous season in some way with the community. I know my parents really enjoyed time with the sisters.

We finally decorated our study and the living rooms for Christmas! We are preparing the way for the Lord around here through baking, gift wrapping, and decorating. Christmas trees, goodies, lights, and wreaths abound. We also are making time to get gifts for our "Advent Angels" this week. We each picked a community member's name to buy a special gift for. I can't wait to see who everyone got!!!

Jesus is coming very soon! Let us ready our hearts! God bless your last days of Advent. We will write again after Christmas, so until then- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



Lisa said...

I am hopping around the blogosphere to say "Merry Christmas" to my friends. May this first day of Christmas be blessed with peace and serenity and inner joy!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...
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