Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Blessed James Alberione!

Today is the 124th anniversary of Blessed James Alberione's birth! We celebrated the founder's birth with much prayer and a cake (that I baked and should note that I hardly ever bake, so this was truly a special occasion!) We also watched, as a postulant community, his Beatification ceremony on DVD (courtesy of Sr. Laura!) What a blessing to have that moment captured for all to share!

This past Sunday was our free day. I don’t know if we’ve ever mentioned anything about our “free days”. Well, let me tell you! We get one day off a month with no obligations, other than Mass and making our holy hour (“Visit” with Jesus) which we can do on our own at anytime during the day. The rest of the day each sister or postulant can spend the day however she chooses. Alina had heard about a Cuban restaurant, so she and Emily went with one of our employees, Mary, for lunch. They said it was really good! Since my sister lives in St. Louis, she and I usually hang out all day. This free day was no exception. We went to Mass, lunch, and spent the day hanging out around St. Louis.

We continue with our classes with Fr. Lockwood, Fr. Soto, and Sr. Carmen. We also finished up the NCEA exhibit by helping Sr. Laura verify the books that we brought back from Indianapolis. (Let me break down some of the terms we use around here for you, in case you are wondering what I mean). “Verify” is basically counting how many books we have left, which allows us to figure how many we “diffused”. We say that we “diffuse” books rather than sell because we believe we are evangelizing and helping people and they are giving us an offering in return. It is not a “sale” but an exchange and offering between God’s people! We are helping each other!

Emily’s brother is here and they went to the art museum today. We will be watching “October Sky” on Saturday, which is our next faith and film movie this month. Things to look forward to this month: faith and film night, lecture night, a visit from Sr. Agnes’ sister, Angie, and…Alina AND Julia’s birthdays ( Apr.15th and 22nd)…stay tuned!!!

Peace in Him,

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