Wednesday, February 25, 2009

St. Louis, MO: Soup Explodes at Rockwoods Reservation

February 22:
It was "free Sunday"! We drove to a reservation for a picnic and hiking. The cold weather was no problem for us, because we like hiking, nature, a beautiful view, and fresh air. We brought with us everything that we needed for an excellent lunch. The kielbasa (Polish sausage) was very good roasted over the fire, but we will not say anything more about our soup explosion. We did not taste this soup, but we will always remember it! No one died, and no serious injuries, but soup was everywhere!
After our lunch, we hiked on a very beautiful, hilly trail. At one point, Sylwia saw a big bird, and we watched it fly from one tree to another. The miracle came when the bird flew away and at that moment we saw three big deer!
P.S. Dear friends, we want you to come with us to this place in the spring to hike and have fun with us.
Keep reading our blog for more information!
P.P.S. We promise not to bring any soup! :)

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Julia said...

haha- you had a cooking catastrophy even without me?! I thought I was the weakest link ;) Glad you enjoyed your free day! Is this place possibly as special as the Special Place?! P.S.- just noticed you are doing 'post scripts' on all your postings ;) I love you, Em! Oh, and I love the Polish traditions! Yessss....we are people of rich culture, for sure!