Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

December 12:

We had our annual birthday party for Baby Jesus! In our chapel, we prepared a back-drop with a stable scene, and a manger with Baby Jesus. The children (and the adults, too!) dressed up as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and angels, and we took their picture with Baby Jesus. Jackie and Emily helped with the picture-taking and printing (it was Jackie's first Baby Jesus Party!). In the conference room, we had many activities: birthday cake for Baby Jesus, coloring, and the children's favorite -- face-painting. Sylwia had a lot of fun face-painting, along with some of our volunteers. Many people volunteered to help us: some people from our parish, some of our other friends, and even a Catholic Chinese man and his friend from Sylwia's English school. Three Polish families also brought their children to the party. In the bookcenter, two clowns from the Knights of Columbus entertained the children by telling jokes and making balloons. This year, many families came who had never been to the party before. It was beautiful to see everyone enjoying themselves and celebrating Jesus' birthday!
P.S. See you at next year's party!

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