Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kenyan Independence Day!

December 14:
Today we REALLY celebrated Kenyan Independence Day (which was officially on December 12). Emily and Sylwia decorated our dining room with Kenyan artifacts and helped Jackie prepare the Kenyan dishes. Our fete began at our afternoon merenda (snack break) where we enjoyed “mandazi”(fried donuts) and Kenyan tea. In the evening, we continued our “trip” to Kenya as we savored a variety of Kenyan cuisine and enjoyed some Kenyan music. Our menu consisted of fried plantain, githeri (stewed beans and corn), chapati (fried tortilla), kale in peanut sauce, nyama choma (baked pork) and papaya (tropical fruit) for desert! It was Sylwia’s first time to fry and eat the plantain :-) After dinner, Jackie gave a presentation on Kenya and shared many pictures with the community. We concluded our evening by dressing up in Kenyan clothing – we even learned how to tie the head gear! We had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed our cultural “visit.”
P.S. Where will you be traveling this year?

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