Saturday, October 16, 2010

Touched by God's Generosity

Ever marvel at the ways that God uses to show us how much He loves us? Well, one afternoon, a friend of our community who had been to our Benefit dinner a couple of weeks ago surprised us with gifts of beautiful warm blankets that she had made for each one of us!! She said that she understood how it felt to be away from home and that she wanted to give us something that would help us "feel at home". Well, we are TRULY enjoying them :-) Really, a BIG thanks to you all who touch our lives through your love, prayers, and support in our journey as we strive to follow Christ more closely in our lives. You are a wonderful reminder of God's closeness, tender love and generosity to us...God richly bless you!


Anonymous said...

Love it! :) Just want you to know I enjoy reading your posts. Keep 'em coming! love & prayers, Sr. Christina Miriam

Sister Tracey said...

This is awesome! You all look like warm cuddly super heroes. Those are some great looking blankets. God is in the details :) Bless ya'll!