Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun with Pumpkins

When people hear that I entered the convent, I am not sure what they imagine. But I am pretty sure some people picture a dour group of women in habits, possibly with winged veils waking at 4:30AM for prayer and eating porridge for breakfast.

So, when I mention the fun we actually have together in the convent, I know that some people are surprised. The look on their faces indicates that they are thinking something along the lines of - "Fun? Really? Is that allowed in a convent?"

Yes, yes it is my friends. It is possible to have fun and be joyful, and I am realizing that the joy I feel in the convent is much fuller that what I felt before.

One such thing that brought me joy recently was our pumpkin adventure which started a few weeks ago at a nearby farm where we all carefully chose our pumpkins. Several weeks later we got together to carve them. Cheryl, Theresa, Laura and Jackie carved pumpkins and Erin, Sr. Karen and Sr. Margaret Michael busied themselves cooking the pumpkins we did not carve and baking salted pumpkin seeds.

Our fall adventure resulted in a delicious meal of pumpkin risotto made by Erin and the rest of the pumpkin insides will provide us with scrumptious pies, cookies and Sr. Margaret Michael's special pumpkin spice muffins.

Here are the results of our prodigious creative minds:

Jackie's Holy Pumpkin

Theresa's Spooky Cat

Laura and Cheryl's Sneaky Grins

The simple joys of life, nothing beats them.


Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Happy Divine Master Feast! We prayed for you in Ialy. Sr Rebecca met us at the Generalate (along with Sr Carmen and Sr Marie Bernard). All send their greetings.
Sr Margaret, Pilgrims and Film Crew

Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Ps that is Italy! not "ialy" More later on the journey...

FSP Postulants said...

Thanks Sr. Margaret Charles :-) Hope you had a great time in Italy!