Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feast of the Divine Master

Our spirituality is awesome. It focuses on Jesus our Divine Master. From Him we learn how to love, shepherd, intercede, minister...pretty much everything that Jesus did and does even today! Well, as Paulines, we celebrate the Feast of the Divine Master on the last Sunday in October. It was a feast indeed, with special prayers and time of Eucharistic Adoration. Sr. Raymond Marie, one of our sisters who was visiting from our Motherhouse in Boston, led us into a beautiful time of prayer where we invited our Master to bless our convent and different parts of our apostolate. We had a solemn procession through the different parts of our convent and Jesus blessed them (as if to say: may they be fruitful, "multiply", and give glory to God!). We then reverently thanked the Lord for His Word in different ways (e.g. kissed the Bible, touched it with our forehead, etc). Of course in addition to prayer, we had a special banquet where everyone chipped in to make different foods for the feast. We had a wonderful day! Jesus is the heart of what we do and are as Paulines. We live that He may truly live in us; that like our father St. Paul we pray: may Christ be formed in me. Its beautiful...its simply amazing!

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