Thursday, November 11, 2010

Encountering God through Media...

We've been keeping busy the past couple of weeks :-) We just completed a two-week workshop on Media Literacy with Sr. Margaret Michael, our national vocation director. One would think that media and its impact on our lives just began the other day...not exactly! Actually, it was REALLY neat to learn how the Church's discussions on media and our culture have been going on for decades! Anyway, point taken, we took a journey to explore how the arts and the media of our time can be used to bring people closer to God. One of the exercises we did was the "Symbolic Way" where we got up pretty early and watched the beauty of the sunrise, God's creation of a new day. It was a profoundly spiritual encounter with God - we were moved deeply in different ways. We brought our "movements" to Jesus in our Holy Hour and this provided for an even more grace-filled encounter with God. Other parts of the seminar involved watching movies (or clips) and learning how to analyze them, seeing the messages and themes presented etc (pretty much disecting the movie!). We also learned quite a bit about our Founder, Blessed James Alberione and his vision of using the media to bring all to Christ. It was all good stuff. Certainly, there is still so much to do to bring the message of Christ's love to our world...and how beautiful and variant the means God has given us to do it!!

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