Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thinking about LIFE

Last week over 500 teenagers gathered for mass on Friday evening at Incarnate Word, a parish that we attend from time to time. Most of the postulants attended the mass because Erin was playing the viola with the other musicians. It was so moving to see so many teenagers gathered for a beautiful cause.

As I looked around the mass and saw each person, individual, unique and wanted, I really felt the presence of Jesus rejoicing. He was filled with joy that we were gathering to pray for the lives of all human beings, including those living the womb.

Please join with all of the postulants in praying for all mothers who are contemplating abortion. Help them to understand the beauty of the child growing in their womb and the miracles that God can work if only we can trust in Him. Please also pray for all of the women who have had abortions, that they may realize the hurt that the abortion has caused them and begin the healing process that will bring them peace.



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Lisa said...

Thanks for a beautiful reflection and a very beautiful prayer! The FSP postulant community is continuing to be a strong, visible, but compassionate witness to life.