Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Highlights Part II

Moving on. Summer is a time of transition for most of us. For students and those who work in a school setting, summer marks the end of the school year and the beginning of another. The rest of the world experience this transition too in their own way.

For us, much has changed and will continue to change. Part of our trip to Boston as a postulant group is saying goodbye to Laura and Jackie as they move on to the next stage of formation as Novices.

Hopefully, they will have time to be our guest bloggers so you all can be updated on their life at the Novitiate. This invitation goes to Sr. Emily and Sr. Sylwia as well (and Sr. Carmen too). It would be nice to hear from you all from time to time.

Scripture class. We also had Scripture class with Celia Sirois. Our focus was on the four Gospels and one of the objectives of our class is "to discover the theological/pastoral message of each of the four gospel writers and discern their meaning for today".  Celia Sirois has been teaching for the Daughters of St. Paul for many years. If you wish to hear her speak, you can watch one of her talks on Catholic TV.

Alright, it's time to study. Sr. Rebecca gave us our first reading assignment today!

Thanks for your continued prayers and know that we are praying for you too!

in Jesus,

P.S. Fill in the blank.
Our founder always emphasized that we, the Pauline Family, should have an attitude of _________. Which means we are to learn from everything. Throughout the day, like students in a classroom, we "sit" at the feet of Jesus, our Teacher, our Divine Master.


Anonymous said...

Great to read your highlights---even though I lived some of them with you! :) Looking forward to keeping up with you here, and we will do our best to "guest blog" once in a while! You all are in our prayers always.
sr emily

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sr. Emily. :)

And thank you to our co-postulant from Romania! :)