Saturday, September 22, 2012


3…2…1… It’s official. 
Carly and I are officially second-year postulants.

Well, yeah, maybe I have been in a little bit of denial seeing as how we’ve been living as second year postulants for….let’s see….oh, a month and a half or so, but according to my brain we are now official “second years”. (Yes, being referred to as a “second year” makes me think about Hogwarts too…)
Okay, I have two reasons. So here’s why:
First reason: Yesterday, Carly and I celebrated our one-year anniversary of being official postulants. One year ago, September 21st 2011 we were officially entered the postulancy program of the Daughters of St. Paul. 
Carly, me and Sandy right after we entered Postulancy (9-21-11)
My second and most exciting reason is that our second year postulants entered the Novitiate yesterday!!! YAY! So now we have Sr. Theresa, Sr. Cheryl, Sr. Julia and Sr. Sandy! (Pray for them!)
Novitiate Group!
(L to R: Sr. Carmen Christi [She's the Novice Formator],
Sr. Jackie, Sr. Cheryl, Sr. Theresa, {Mary Queen of Apostles}
Sr. Sandy, Sr. Julia, and Sr. Laura!) 

Second-Year Postulants 2012-13
(Carly, Sr. Rebecca, and Me) 
So, now, officially, I feel totally solidified in my second-year-ness.
Pray for us!



Anthony Casto said...

From a Holy Family Institute member in MD.-Congratulations on the second yearness! Pretty soon you'll be celebrating 25 years of Perpetual Profession! Will go by quick. May Jesus Master be with all of you in the wonderful vocation and community you've been called to. Blessed James Alberione and Blessed Timothy Giacarrdo please pray for them.

Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Glad you are back up on the blog! You can add
if you like.

Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

good to see the blog active! congrats to the new novices! here is another reactivated blog - that you can add to your page.