Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Nuns walk into a Bar

...and two Postulants. We may have turned some heads this month as we walked into Kirkwood Brewery. Admittedly we felt like the beginning of a bad joke.  So what were we doing in a bar at 7 o'clock at night? The Nuns and the Posts attended St.Louis Young Adult Ministry's Theology On Tap. TOT is a program of lectures that has took off in numerous catholic dioceses across the country.

If you have never heard of Theology on Tap (TOT) check out the diocese near you.
Quick TOT History Lesson (from my friend wiki):

The series was cofounded by Father John Cusick, a resident of Old St. Patrick's Parish, and director of the archdiocese's Young Adult Minister and Father Jack Wall in June 1981 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, as the result of comments made by a recent college graduate who was "concerned about his personal identity and finding meaning in life."[1] 
The lectures, which are often given by noted spiritual leaders and religious academics, address current topics in religion and theology, and are notable and sometimes controversial for their venue, which is normally a bar or restaurant. 
Since its inception, the program has spread to more than 180 parishes and dioceses and at least six other countries, including Canada,ItalyTaiwan, the PhilippinesIrelandAustralia and Hong Kong.[4]

Talk about meeting the people where they are! The diocese rented a large room (the whole left half of the restaurant/bar) and it was filled to the gills with young adults (like over 100) who came to socialize and hear a lecture on the faith.

This past month the talk was given by Daughter of Saint Paul, Sister Helena Burns. She nailed an awesome talk on Theology of the Body and finding God in the media.  If you don't already read her blog it's Here.

She is in good company. Other TOT speakers have included Archbishop Donald Wuerl, Cardinal Rigali, Cardinal Patrick O'Malley, Cardinal George Pell and more!

Here's the FB info on TOT for Saint Louie:

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