Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving thanks for a hundred things and more!

Since it’s thanksgiving… I started thinking about how incredibly blessed I am and how I should be thanking God for everything… All those little things as well as all those in-your-face things. So I made a list…. These are 100 things, in no particular order, that I am thankful for…

I’m thankful for…

1.     The splendor of autumn
2.     Sister Mary Joan’s authentic Italian Cooking. (so yummy!)
3.     Freshly baked cookies straight from the oven.
4.     Sweaters…the warm and cozy kind.
5.     Hearing my Sisters laugh from down the hallway.
6.     Community Life
7.     Chocolate 
8.     Unexpected mail
9.     A phone call from my family where I get to talk to ALL of my siblings in one sitting!
10. That genuine laughter that erupts from the bottom of your soul.
11.  Really great, heavy blankets
12.  Bread
13.  Baking. Anything.
14.  Watching a really great movie and discussing it afterwards.
15.  Warm, clean piles of laundry straight from the dryer.
16.  Being in the chapel first thing in the morning.
17.  Reading and being inspired by the writings of amazing, holy people like Blessed James Alberione.
18.  Hand written letters
19.  Postcards sent from all over the world!
20.  Learning to iron… for real.
21.  Being taught how to make REAL Italian meatballs and tomato sauce. mmMMmm…..
22.  When Sr. Donna makes comfort food 
23.  Sr. Mary Joan’s hilarious sayings…
24.  People who come into our bookcenter
25.  Benefactors!!!
26.  Technology
27.  Those moments when the sky is that perfect shade of blue and you feel like there’s not a care in the world…
28.  The smell of dryer sheets (yes, weird but true.) 
30.  Sr. Rebecca’s patience
31.  Music. Good music.
32.  A really great navy blue sweater 
33.  St. Arbucks. (The postulant’s favorite “Parish”-- take away the period in the name.)
34.  Playing Piano at St. Elizabeth’s.
35.  Calla Lillies (My favorite)
36.  A really GOOD church musician…
37.  Yellow… not the highlighter yellow, but that warm-makes-you-wanna-smile-forever-sunshine-yellow. that color.
38. Candles
39. Those puffy white clouds that look like you could take a plane up and just step right out and take a nap on it’s fluffiness.
40. Difficult moments
41. Home
42. Cushioned kneelers
43. My croc flats
44. Crisp morning walks to Mass with Sr. Cynthia and talking about the Gospel of the day
45. Kitchen talks with Sr. Mary Joan about the founder, and Italian food, and vocation stories and life….
46.  Watching Lord of the Rings with Fr. Gerber 
47.  The beauty of a "regular" schedule
48.  Sharpie Markers
49.  Raspberry-Lemonade… so.delish.
50.  The Black Hymnal
51.  My incredible friends in MD that have been there for me my whole life. 
52.   New Balance Sneakers
53.  Scarves….the warm hug-your-neck kind that you just want to leave on, even inside. 
54.  Waking up AWAKE! (easier said than done)
55.  Sunshine pouring into my room.
56. Book exhibits
57. Chocolate Care packages from Maggie 
58. Drawings from my siblings.
59. "Folks-y" acoustic guitar music  
60. The smell of Tuesday morning (aka- floor washing day!)
61.  Beethoven (playing it and having it played to me)
62.  My skirt that never wrinkles…which means I never have to iron it!
63.  Not having to think about what I’m going to wear in the morning…. Blue and white. Biggest decision is which blue sweater I’m going to use…. Beauty.
64.  Not having to wear make-up anymore!
65. Mistakes…. Because I learn SO much from them.
66.  The smell of bread baking
67.  That feeling you get when you receive a really great hug.
68.  Studying to classical music 
69.  My grandmother’s recipes
70.  Creativity
71. Our back yard grotto
72.  Sr. Noel’s cupcakes...they’re like heaven in your mouth and I miss them now that Sr. Noel's been reassigned to Boston. 
73.  Crazy moments
74.  The quiet moments in the chapel when it’s just Jesus and me.
75.  Long leisurely walks
76.  Prayers
77.  Those moments when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved.
78.  Did I mention COFFEE?? 
79.  Tea with milk and honey…. Mmmm
80.  Panera
81.  Silliness
82.  Artistic inspiration
83.  Prayer Requests
84.  Retreat Sunday
85.  SLEEP
86.  How everything…(I mean everything) is labeled here at the convent.
87.  Post-it-notes.  I use them for EVERYTHING!
88.  Lemon and honey in hot water
89.  Sr. Mary Joan’s homemade tiramisu
90.  Community Recreation nights
91.  Photography and my camera
92.  The way light falls on things and takes your breath away
93.  People’s patience with my ridiculousness.
94.  The fact that I live with amazingly talented people.
95.  Rain…good steady rain
96.  Color
97.  My community here in St. Louis… I am SO incredibly blessed to live with the most amazing people. Everyday I become a better person because of them and their example.
98. My family… I am so blessed and eternally grateful for the wonderful gift of my family, who are so extraordinarily precious to me.
99. My mom…She is such an incredible woman. This is so generic of me, but I can’t even begin to describe how amazing she is and how blessed I am to have her as my mother.
100. GOD…. I mean really…who am I kidding? Without Him, my list wouldn’t even exist, much less me. I am indescribably thankful for the gift of being able to thank HIM


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Peggy said...

Hi Chelsea,

Just wanted to say that I loved your list! So many great and wonderful things to be thankful for... Thank you for sharing.