Thursday, April 16, 2009

Śmigus-dyngus and the St. Louis City Museum

April 13:
We continued our celebration of Easter with a very important Polish tradition: Śmigus-dyngus (lany poniedziałek/
wet Monday). On the second day of Easter, it is the Polish tradition to celebrate by throwing water at each other! So the whole community, and Emily’s brother and sisters, had a shower before breakfast!

Also on Monday, we went to the City Museum. It is a big building in downtown St. Louis and everything inside is made from recycled materials. They have many caves, tunnels, stairs, and slides; there was a magic show; they have a floor with many statues, stained glass windows, and other artifacts; and there was even a big wooden wheel to run around in! It is a very interesting place and we had a very fun day there.

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Chelsea said...

Looks and sounds like great fun!! :)