Monday, April 27, 2009

Vocation Day at Benedictine College, Kansas

April 22:

The postulant group drove to Atchison, Kansas, for a vocation day at Benedictine College. There were about twenty different religious orders at the school with displays about their congregations. During the day, we were at our table to meet with the students and answer their questions. We ate lunch with the students and attended Mass with them in the evening. After Mass, we ate supper with Emily's brother Thomas, who attends Benedictine, and some other students. It was wonderful to see how interested and friendly the students were. We stayed the night with a lovely family in St. Joseph, Missouri. The whole family, including the seven young boys, were interested in us and what we were doing. They were very kind and hospitable, and they boys even taught us how to play Wii. It was nice to spend this time with them.
P.S. We didn't think it was possible, but Sylwia forgot her camera!
P.P.S. Thank you, Jenny and Andrew, for sending us these pictures!

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