Monday, April 20, 2009

Vocation Talk at St. Simon’s in St. Louis

April 20:
Sylwia, Emily, and Sr.Rebecca gave a vocation talk at St. Simon’s Parish. We spoke to the 7th grade religious education class. Emily guided a discussion about vocations using a clip from the film “Evan Almighty.” Sr. Rebecca spoke about religious life, and then Sylwia told her vocation story. The pastor of the parish spoke with the boys. The girls asked us questions and shared their prayer intentions with us. For us, it is always nice to meet with young people, speak with them, and share our vocation stories.

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Agnieszka from Pruszkow(Poland) said...

pozdrowienia z Polski!!!!,
fajne zdjątka, opisy wydarzeń, piszcie dalej :-) będę tu zaglądać.