Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Childrens' Bible Stories!

February 20, 2010:
Today we had a wonderful group of children gather in our bookcenter to hear the Bible story of "David and Goliath." The morning started with the children listening to the story and then answering some questions about what they had just heard. They were all so attentive and had great answers! Then the kids painted some rocks that they later used in a game. Laura taught them the words and hand motions to the song "Jesus Is Here" from our cd "God, Butterflies, and Miracles" (http://www.pauline.org/). Then we played the game with the rocks and colored a picture of David and Goliath that they could take home to share with their family. They all learned that whether they're big or small, courageous or fearful, they could do anything with the help of God.

May we all have the same trust and faith in God that David had.

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starfishthrower said...

Sounds LIke a WONDERFUL time!!! THe little ones in St. Louis are blessed! YAY LAURA LOU...the teacher!! I always knew you had it in you! :)