Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunday Outing

Sunday January 31, 2010:

Today was the last outing for Emily, Sylwia, Jackie and Laura as a group. We certainly made the most of our day together. First Emily and Sylwia went to the Polish Mass at St. Agatha's ( so that Sylwia could say 'goodbye' to all her friends. They had a great time and were able to spend time socializing with some of them after Mass. Jackie and Laura went to Mass at St. Francis de Sales Oratory ( The Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form, using the 1962 missal (it was a traditional Tridentine Latin Mass). The schola (choir) sang beautiful Gregorian Chant. After Mass, we all drove out to see the Cahokia Mounds ( which were amazing. It's hard to believe the Indians carried all that soil to make such high mounds. Some mounds were burial grounds and others were the sites of homes for the Indian Chiefs. By building such high mounds, they could sit above the other tribes or classes below them, watching all that was going on. We climbed the steps all the way to the highest mound. When we got to the top, it was so quiet and peaceful and there was such an amazing vista. Every direction you looked in was so beautiful and serene. Sylwia took many pictures of the scenery, so we're sharing a few with all of you! Next, we went to Moolah lanes ( for some bowling. We all had fun cheering each other on! To end the day, we had pizza and watched a movie together at home. What a relaxing Sunday!!! ;)

What did you do for fun??

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Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful special outing! Blessings on all!!