Monday, February 1, 2010

J-club Book Fair

Thursday, January 28
- Friday, January 29, 2010:

Sr. Emi and I (Laura) went to St. Joseph's school in St. Charles, Missouri for a bookfair. It was the first J-club bookfair ( for our St. Louis community! We had a great experience there. The children were so excited to look at all the books! One little girl said that she just loves "God books"! How wonderful it is to see children so excited to learn about the Church and their faith. St. Joseph's school has been growing and now has over 900 students in grades K-8. So, we certainly saw many children in our two days at the school. Everyone at St. Joe's was so kind and helpful to us especially the librarians and one of the volunteers. They answered our many questions and helped us pack at the end of the book fair. We had lunch with the Srs. Maria Christi (principal) and Marie Hannah who are both Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia based in Nashville, Tennessee ( The Sisters were so welcoming to us. We are really grateful that they understand and support our Pauline mission of evangelizing through the media.

May St. Paul send us more collaborators in spreading the Gospel!


Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

This is great!

Lisa said...

It sounds like a wonderfully blessed experience. Congrats on your first postulant blogpost, Laura!