Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parish Exhibits in Jerseyville, IL!

Saturday, May 1 - Sunday, May 2, 2010:

On Saturday, we had several volunteers from St. Francis and Holy Ghost Churches assist us with the book fairs since we could not make it up there that day. We got to meet the parishioners at the two Churches on Sunday during the book exhibits. Sr. Emi and Laura went to the Holy Ghost parish. Sr. Emi had an opportunity to introduce our sisters to the congregation after Communion and share our media with them. There were several parishioners who stopped by our exhibit set up after mass which was great! Sr. Rebecca and Jackie were stationed in the St. Francis Church. During mass, Sr. Rebecca also talked briefly and shared some media titles with the parishioners. Several people stopped by our exhibit set up outside the Church. We also had some people who were driving by the Church stop by the exhibit! In the afternoon, we attended the St. Francis Church mother-daughter banquet along with some of the parishioners. We were happy to have yet another opportunity to meet many people in the town. They too enjoyed looking through our media which we had set up in the school gym! We all had a lot of fun. Overall, the parish priests and people were very welcoming, generous, and very much open to having us back! What a blessed weekend :-)

P.S. St. Paul, pray for us and all who we met in Jerseyville this weekend!

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