Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vocation Talk at Our Convent!

Thursday April 29, 2010:

Today was a special day at our convent. We had 16 seventh grade young women visiting us from St. Mark's Catholic School ( We began our day together at about 9:00am with a presentation on vocations and the call to religious life by Sr. Emi Magnificat along with some input from Sr. Rebecca. Sr. Emi showed the young women the movie trailer for our Founder, Blessed James Alberione ( along with other media. The girls were happy to ask lots of questions about our life. Laura and Jackie also got a chance to share their vocation stories with the seventh graders. After some refreshments, we gave a tour of our convent which included our refectory, postulant study area and book center. The girls were particularly enthused by our trip to the different floors using the elevator! At about 11:00am, the pastor of St. Mark's, Fr. Pastorius, celebrated Mass in our convent chapel with the group. We concluded our visit with the girls by giving each a package of our vocational flyers and bookmarks. We were grateful for the time spent with them. The girls were certainly happy to get an "inside look" into our life!

P.S. You are all in our prayers and do come again!

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