Monday, July 19, 2010

And the Word Became Flesh...and Moved to the Masses

Our tour through the Publishing house thus far has truly been an enlightening journey to help us see how so much work goes into getting the Word of God out and how each person in the "puzzle" plays their part to make Jesus known. We started off our apostolic experience in the Editorial department where we learned about how manuscripts are solicited and reviewed. Our project in this department involved reviewing a manuscript for a book that will be coming out soon. Our thoughts about the manuscript were valuable at the "positioning" meeting which consisted of representatives from different departments (e.g. design, marketing, etc) who were involved in the development of the book. Our next stop was at the Design department where the Word of God "becomes flesh". Once the manuscripts are reviewed at the Editorial level, the Designers work on the text and the book covers. This process takes time. In fact, for some of the books, several covers had to be designed before the final one was chosen! We also stopped by the Marketing department. Here we learned how the Word of God "meets"the people. Through every way possible - flyers, internet, mailings, etc - the Word of God now "packaged" in books and other media is advertised and made present to many peoples. While in the department, we packed some new releases and mailed them out to our book centers and other clientele. So there you have it! So far, its been a great adventure so do stay tuned for more...coming soon :-)

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