Tuesday, August 3, 2010

J-Club Bookfairs: Mission to Our Schools

As media nuns, we are not particularly stationed in schools. So our J-Club book fair outreach (http://jclubcatholic.com/) has been an excellent way to bring our media to many children in our schools who are in need of the Word of God. While in the J-Club department, we learned a lot about the various operations for the J-club: how to connect with the schools to set up the day(s) for the fair; how to conduct the fair (e.g. do-it-yourself fair by the school or one done by the sisters); how they receive and process orders of media from the children, etc. The J-club fairs have really been blossoming. In the past academic year, we had almost 50 fairs in several areas of the country, many of which we do not have our book centers! Indeed, the Word of God is taking on wings :-) We were glad to have had this opportunity to see how the J-club works at the Publishing house. In the past couple of months, we have been involved in several J-club book fairs here in the St. Louis area and so it was nice to see the other end of things. Praise God that our young ones can be able to meet Jesus through our media right where they are!

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