Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fr Lockwood's Church History Presentation

Our bookcenter events have begun again for the fall. Our first one was the first of three lectures on Church history. They'll all be given by Rev. Gregory Lockwood from St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish here in St. Louis ( We had a wonderful turn out for the event! Our conference room was packed and every single chair was taken. We had to hunt up more chairs as more and more people came through the doors. For the second lecture he'll be giving in October, we've decided to move the lecture out into our bookcenter so there'll be more space. Hopefully we have enough chairs though! Father did a great job. He's a very engaging speaker. He REALLY knows his church history and he adds a little humor too when he speaks! We're looking forward to next month already!

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Julia said...

Ah, Fr. Lockwood! ;)