Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pro-life Dinner

Our community was invited to a pro-life dinner about two weeks ago by Mrs. Usselmann, founder of Our Lady of Guadalupe for Life ( Her daughter is a Daughter of St. Paul! The group focuses on putting billboards on major highways in our area with a pro-life message and picture of Our Blessed Mother - Our Lady of Guadalupe. Auxiliary Bishop Hermann celebrated mass and attended the dinner too. He has been an important part of the ministry and has blessed many of the billboards. At the dinner, Mrs. Usselmann shared how many peoples' lives have been transformed after reading the billboards on the highways! It sure was amazing to see how this great work which began from a simple pilgrimage experience she made to Mexico about 20 years ago, has made such a difference in many peoples' lives today. What a powerful way to reach out to people in our time with the saving message of Jesus Christ...and of course, you can never go wrong with Our Blessed Mother!

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