Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blessed James Alberione Filming - Behind the Scenes

Last week, I took a day's journey to Chicago with Sr. Mary Joan, one of the sisters in our St. Louis community and Dr. Jeff Mathews, a Pauline cooperator ( We had a blast - from cameras, lights, make-up, laughter at meals to interviewing for the film and prayer - it was all truly blessed :-) Sr. Helena (, one of our sisters in the Chicago community is the film producer and writer.

Essentially, the filming experience was a celebration of the life of our Founder. So, Sr. Mary Joan, Dr. Mathews and I each shared how the Founder has impacted our lives. I have come to admire Blessed James primarily because of his steadfast faith in God. He believed in the grace of God at work in him when the Lord invited him to reach the people of 20th century with the “good press”. Imagine how different things would have turned out if he hadn’t followed these movements of the Lord within him? But thanks be to God that he did! For the mustard seed of the Pauline family planted in Blessed Alberione’s heart has indeed grown into a large tree with many branches!! (Matt 13:31-32)

God bless you,

PS. The filming crew was amazing - Spirit Juice Studios ( - guys truly filled with the desire to spread the Good News through film! Check out their productions :-) In case you haven't had a chance to view the trailer, it's on Also, stay tuned for updates on the film through:

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