Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend in Jerseyville, IL!

Once again, we were on the road again for an apostolic road-trip to Jerseyville, Illinois. This time it was Sr. Rebecca and I along with another sister in our St. Louis community. The weekend involved bringing our books and media to the children at St. Francis/Holy Ghost school ( It was really neat to see how the children recognized us from our visit with them last year. We shared materials with the children as part of our J-club program (, which is part of our mission to reach the school kids with the Gospel message. The kids and teachers really enjoyed having us as we did being there with them. The families in the parishes we exhibited too enjoyed seeing us again. They welcomed us warmly and were grateful for the materials we brought. Of course as Paulines, we did not miss the opportunity to have some downtime with our Jerseyville “cooperators in the Gospel work” (i.e. our hosts). We enjoyed a big brunch after our Sunday masses and a good time to catch up with our friends....

So, it’s “ever onward!” for the Daughters as our Founder Blessed Alberione used to say. God is truly opening up new places and ways to reach many with the Gospel!



rayofmusic said...

I've just finished reading everything on the web site and watching "Behind the Scenes" with the Alberione filming (in Chicago). Great job! Thanks for all you shared in video and writ. Lots of people are bound to enjoy this and find much inspiration. You are each always in my prayers.
Sr. Raymond Marie

FSP Postulants said...

Thanks, Sr. Raymond! Papa Alberione is bound to be a hit :-) Thanks for your continued prayers too. Praying for you too!

God bless you,