Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Celebration Plus Plus...

March 26 was was the day we celebrated my birthday! Being the second one around in the convent, I was thankful for God's faithfulness to me in my vocational journey and the ability to celebrate with joy His gift of life to me. We went all out (as we always do here!) that day. Sr. Noel made a gourmet dinner of some African and Asian dishes which were REALLY good. We danced to different kinds of music and had lots of fun playing games - mainly Chinese checkers and the Wii :-) Later in the week, we also went out for some Bubble Tea (which I love!) at a local Bubble Tea place. I am truly grateful for a wonderful time of grace, peace, rest and loads of fun with my sisters. I am also grateful that we were blessed to have two young women with us for a Come and See Lenten retreat that weekend. It was a joy that to have them with us to experience our life. Please continue to pray for them and vocations - thanks! So just in case you are wondering, we truly do "thoroughly" enjoy our birthdays around here :-) May the Peace and joy of Christ be with you always, Jackie.

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