Monday, April 18, 2011

Geek Party!

Who would have thought turning 32 would be one of my best birthdays ever? After living in community for 7 months and celebrating the other sisters' and postulants' birthdays, I really didn't know what to expect. We all seem to be really good at surprising each other. So I had absolutely no clue what they had planned.

It was perfect! I received the sweetest e-mails from my Mom and Dad and siblings and relatives and closest friends. One of my best friends, Erma, made a pink apron that has "All for Jesus" written at the front and sent it in the mail just in time for me to wear it to the Geek Party that my sisters have prepared. The cooks made a delicious meal. They were so creative, each course was personalized to what they knew about me.

And you've seen the decorations from the pictures. I was VERY impressed. I actually think Theresa's geekness is climbing up the charts. She created an XML tag: <party> meaning "begin party" and she made sure that it didn't have an end tag! Even I wouldn't have thought of that! Jackie made sure photos were taken otherwise we won't have much to show on our blog. Laura was such a good sport and willingly played GUESSTURES with us all. Erin made sure I had my traditional rocky road ice cream. Sr. Rebecca planned a wine and cheese + Despicable Me movie night in our home theater.

There is so much more to this special day than what I'm sharing with you here. What is really special about this birthday is the Love that flows from celebrating life. This past year, the Lord has taught me how to look beyond the gift of life so that I can look deeper into the eyes of the Giver of life.

As I look around me each day and interact with my sisters in community and the people we encounter, I am beginning to see the face of God in each of them. It is not easy, especially for someone like me who is still trying to find her place in the world. It is easier to fall into feelings of envy and jealousy, but the grace of God can truly work with those feelings and transform it to joy and a deep appreciation of each person in my life.

You are God's gift to me. I thank God for you. All of you.

Love, in Jesus our Life, Cheryl

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