Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been another full week! This week was highlighted by our Thanksgiving celebration and preparations for it.
Everyone played an important role in preparing our meal: Sr. Jerome and I made pies, Sr. Agnes cooked the turkey, Sr. Caritas and Julia decorated the table and Julia also made the stuffing, Sr. Carmen made a beautiful salad, and Alina made cranberry sauce. We were blessed to have Julia's sister, who lives in St. Louis, join us for our meal.
In the evening we invited the sisters to our postulant study to play a game. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience of community and true gratitude to our good God. We hope your Thanksgiving was equally blessed!
We had a couple opportunities to reach out to young people this week. On Sunday, Sr. Carmen and I participated in a "Nun Run" at a nearby Ursuline convent. Four young women from two different colleges spent the weekend in St. Louis; they met eleven religious orders, and we were blessed to be one of them. We spoke to them about the charism of the Daughters of St. Paul and afterwards we had lunch with them.
On Tuesday, all four of us headed to a little cafe where they have a Christian music night once a month. We knew one of the singers, so we went to hear him, and it was a good opportunity to meet some young people (as well as try some gelato!).
A thought for the week ahead, inspired by the feast of Thanksgiving: "If the only prayer we ever said was, 'Thank you,' it would be enough." (Meister Eckhart) See you next week -- may God bless you!

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Lisa said...

Thanksgiving blessings to each of you and to Sister Carmen Christi and the Sisters!