Friday, November 9, 2007

la vita bella

So I don't know about where you are, but the new movie "bella" has been all the talk here in St. Louis recently. We finally got to see what the buzz was about last Friday night. I think we all liked the movie, and of course, the movie's message, which is a pro-life one. It presents the issue in an interesting way. The movie follows the friendship of a guy and a girl, the girl who entrusts to her friend that she is pregnant. He in turn shares a secret with her and they help each other deal with their pain in a healthy way. Though produced by a small production company, it has a professional feel to it. That is to say, it doesn't seem like a small production. So anyways, I offer that to you and we would love to hear what you thought about the movie too!

The best part about the night, however, (aside from witnessing the Gospel proclaimed on the big screen, of course ;) was the ARCADE in the movie theater! :) The three of us rounded up our change (and Sr. Agnes generously gave us some of hers ) and were on a mission to win tickets and toys for the community :) We found skee ball to be our greatest source for this. So a few rounds of skee ball, a couple shots at basketball, and even a fly-swatting game later...we had finger puppets for all! :)
Ah, the joys of community life!

This week Sr. Mary Mark and Sr. Joan Paula are here to share their stories and information from the General Chapter. While the sisters are in meetings, I must say that us postulants are "holding down the fort" pretty well :) We are in the Book Center every day! And we also each have our own apostolic responsibilities. Emily is working on our next exhibit (which Sr. Rose will be speaking at) next week. Alina is working on our fast approaching Baby Jesus party. And I have been entrusted with researching for our Faith and Film nights as well as advertising our events. I got to go to Saint Louis University this week and met a bunch of awesome campus ministers who were very eager to collaborate with us in our mission! Hopefully we'll see them at our Book Center soon!

Thanks to all who read this, especially our aspirant friends in Argentina!!! We are united with you in prayer and discernment!!!

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful title for your blog.
Ever onward in the spirit of St Paul!