Friday, November 30, 2007

To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King

What a week to end the liturgical year! The feast of Christ the King is a great feast indeed. We celebrated by going to Sunday Mass at Mary Mother of the Church parish. (We try to go to different parishes in the diocese on Sunday...maybe you will soon see us at yours!) The Mass had combined contemporary, teen, and children's choirs and added the joy and regality that the feast deserves!

I was personally truly struck this year by the Cycle C Gospel reading on Sunday. As postulants, we've been learning about our foundations as a Congregation and about our Lord Himself. We listened to tapes earlier this year of one of our (now deceased) sisters, Sr. Veritas, speaking of "Jesus, Our Divine Master". This devotion to Jesus is particularly Pauline, given to us by our founder. In hearing the Gospel reading this year for Christ the King I recalled what we discussed in our Divine Master sessions: that we have a King who uses His power to empower the powerless. Our King is the suffering servant on that cross in the Gosepl reading, giving His promise of the kingdom to a thief in one of His last breaths. It is moments like these in Jesus' life that make me fall more in love with who He is.

The feast that followed on Monday is lesser known by the Church liturgically, but an important feast for us as Paulines: the feast of Blessed James Alberione, our founder. He passed from this life to the next on Nov. 26, 1971 and we commerated and celebrated him and his place in heaven this past Monday; so beautifully after just reflecting on Christ's kingdom. We did this by doing what we Paulines seem to do
best- a multi-media, power point prayer reflection for Morning Prayer- and remembering him throughout the day.

Wednesday, we had our last Sacramental Theology Class at the Seminary with Father Keller through the Paul VI Institute. We enjoyed the class so much, not only because of the beautiful content shared about the Sacraments, but Father Keller's style of wit and humor showed the Sacraments and the Church in a way I'm sure not many have experienced before :)

Finally, last night we prepared for Advent by sharing with over 100+ women from the diocese an "Advent Tea" at Assumption parish. We provided music for the beginning of the evening, and then got to hear a very devoted (and funny :) lay woman and author- Teresa Brotherton- speak on her preparing of her heart for Advent. It was a beautiful evening and we were glad to be a part of it!

For those of you reading who found out about us in the St. Louis Review this week- welcome! Please feel free to leave any prayer requests, comments, or questions for us by either email or by leaving a comment. And for those of you not from St. Louis, here is the link to the article in which we were mentioned this week (you may have to copy and paste it into your address toolbar):

May God bless you as we enter into the season of Advent!

Peace in Him,


Discerning Discerner said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs. They give a true picture of what goes on in a postulants life.

Sister Tracey said...

Hey ya'll!
THat's so great about the article in the St. Louis Dispatch! Way to go!!! It's always great to see how and what you all are up to!

We are doing fine here in NYC. We just did our second concert... that one was at the Actor's Chapel on Broadway. It was great. peace and prayers to you! Keep us in prayer, too.
sr Tracey

Jackie G said...

Hello! What a wonderful witness your blog is! Thanks for sharing your Pauline experience thus far. Rest assured of my prayers...
Jackie G.

marthatherese said...

"Advent Tea"--it's a very interesting name for your event. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time and happy belated Bl. Alberione's Feast.
Great article in St Louis Dispatch--thanks for sharing. I hope you'll get more future vocation from it. Keep up the good work.
Quiet joy :)