Monday, November 23, 2009

Christ the King Parish Exhibit in Kansas!

Saturday, November 21
Sunday, November 22
This "Christ the King" weekend we were graced with the opportunity to bring the Word of God to the parishoners of St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Kansas City, Kansas. Monsignor Mullen, the pastor and his associate as well as the parish members gave us an exceptionally warm welcome. During our exhibit, we shared information about our mission and presence of our bookcenters in the country. Sr. Emi gave a brief talk about our mission and media to the congregation. Many parishoners thanked us for coming to their parish as they sought "food" for their souls and their loved ones after the masses. We drove back to St. Louis on Sunday evening after a faith-filled weekend, thanking God for all the people that we met over the past couple of days and offering our prayers for them that Christ may reign ever more in their hearts!

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