Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Halloween - Let's Dress Up!

October 31:

We had tons of fun this Halloween. Emily and Sylwia put up the Halloween decorations in the refectory and on the community cars. Jackie carved her first pumpkin - courtesy of Emily her teacher. In the afternoon, Sylwia and Jackie took a bike ride around the neighborhood to get some pictures of how our neighbors had decorated their houses this year. With Halloween spiders in the salad and candy worms on the side for dinner, our evening was crowned by our dressing up as all sorts of people – a doctor, a shepherd, a king, an Easter bunny, you name it! What did you do this Halloween? Hope you took the time to have some fun-filled moments with your loved ones :-) It’s well worth it!

Enjoy the Halloween JibJab clip prepared by one of our Pauline cooperators, Dr. Jeff Mathews!

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Julia said...

Um, let me guess who was the Easter bunny... ;) Ha! Give hugs to my Bella!!